How do I sign up? It's easy!

Create an Account

Create a CampusDish account or login

To create an account, click Sign In on the upper right hand corner of the website and then the Sign Up button to create an account if you have not had one before. 

If you already have a CampusDish account, just login!  Forgot your password?  No problem.  Just click the Forgot Password link and we'll get you reset in a jiffy!

Link your ID

Link your ID to your CampusDish account.  If you don't need to make a purchase yet, then you can visit the My Account to link your barcode number. 

Enter the barcode number from your Hamline ID and your last name into the required fields.

Are you making a purchase?

Your ID number is verified as part of the checkout process and we'll automatically link your ID card number to your CampusDish account if you have not already linked up.

Running low?  Reload Declining Balance conveniently online and we'll link your ID card number for you during the purchase, if you have not already done so!

Linked Account Benefits

With a linked account, you receive many benefits and added features, including

  • Instant deposits of your online Declining Balance purchases  No wait to use your funds, they will deposit into your account automatically.
  • Check your DB balance, meal plan balance, and other assigned account balances anytime.
  • View your transaction history to see where you last used a meal swipe or spent funds at a dining location.
  • Use the Family Link feature to allow a parent or family member to make a purchase for you, or check balances and transaction history without needing your ID card number.
  • Coming soon!  Low Balance Alert notifications.

What if I need help?

Don't worry, we're here to help you!  You can send an email, call the dining office, or just drop by and we will happy to help you.