75 Block
  • 75 Meals per Semester
  • $900 Declining Balance
  • Available to Upperclassmen only
The 75 Block meal plan gives you 75 meals to use for the entire semester at our All-You-Care to eat location, Bishop's Bistro. The 75 Block comes with $900 Declining Balance to use at Starbucks, Leo's Corner convenience store, the Piper Grill and Subway. Meals associated with this meal plan will not carry forward to the Spring semester, but declining balance dollars will.

Auto Renew your Plan for Spring! (Option available during the fall semester)
If you want to keep your fall meal plan active for the spring semester without re-ordering, select yes! Don't Worry – You won't pay for both semesters at the same time. You’ll be billed once, each semester. And, if you change your mind, you can still change or cancel your plan before the spring semester.



Before you buy, consider an upgrade to the All Access Dining Plan and enjoy unlimited access to our All-You-Care to eat location for the entire semester for half the cost per meal vs. the 75 Block plan! Enjoy $400 Declining Balance to use at Starbucks, Leo’s Corner convenience store and the Piper Grill and Subway. In addition to all of that, this plan comes with 10 guest meals to treat your friends and family to a meal. Click HERE.”

This meal plan can be only be billed to your student account.

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Auto renew your plan for spring semester